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Rodica VOLOVICI, Eng., Ph.D.

Fields of competence:
- bibliology and the information science

Photo1he Library of the Sibiu Institute of Higher Education was founded in 1969 and it later became aUniversityLibrary in

1990, when the University of Sibiu was set up.
Until 2008 when a new building was built (in the complex that accomodatess the Faculty of Medicine) the library functioned in different locations, among which the Faculty of Letters and Arts and the Academy of Land Forces.
As of 2000, the library was named of Central Library of the “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu.
The number of collections of the library increased every year by means of new title purchase, by inter-library exchange as well as by donations, acquiring an encyclopedic feature, thus succeeding in meeting the requirements for the fields and the specialisations for the study and research of all faculties of the university.


  • Collections of more than 600,000 bibliographic units 350,000 already registered in the on-line catalogue
  • 14,000 volumes of periodicals
  • subscriptions for important electronic data bases (Springer Link, Legis)
  • the applications Alice for Windows, Liberty 3 – specialized library softwares
  • free access to the bibliographic dataPhoto2
  • free access reading rooms, on 4 levels and distinct domains
  • 400 places in the reading rooms, provided with special equipment for Internet connection, computers, scanners and multifunctional printers on every level.


The central library has the role to create, organize, develop and host cultural-scientific collections of publications from Romania and abroad on all types of documentary supports and to create the necessary informational background necessary to the educational and the research activities.

The qualified staff of the library, competently guide the users to access the sources of knowledge, now with the help of the new modern means of academic research and information, those of the information technology.

Biblioteca Centrală Universitară

Contact Information

Address: 2A, Lucian Blaga Street,
Sibiu, 550169, România
Tel: +40-(269) 44.60.77
Fax: +40-(269) 44.10.10

Library Schedule

Monday – Friday: 8:00-20:00,
Lecture room: 8:00-22:00

Library Schedule During the Exam Session

Monday - Friday: 8:00-20:00
Saturday: 8:00-16
Lecture room: Permanently

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