About LBUS

“Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu – LBUS is one of the oldest universities in Romania, having a tradition of over 225 years.

Achieving a competitive education process in line with EU quality standards to enable LBUS graduates to acquire academic and professional recognition at an international level is a strategic objective of our University. Within the University are promoted unique specializations in the Romanian academic area, and the high degree of high confidence recommends LBUS as a strong institution, involved in increasing the quality of the educational process.

The promotion of study programs in international languages, the teaching methods based on information technology and the generalization of the implementation of the European Credit Transfer System are guarantees for the consolidation of the educational process.


Knowledge Broker and Skills Trainer by Promoting Excellence and Sustainability in Education and Research


8 sets of values: Entrepreneurship, Organizational Culture, Human Resource, Sustainable Education, Innovation, Excellence Research, Quality, Openness


Leader in regional and national education and research with international visibility


Partnerships, research, innovation

Symbols and distinctions

The significance and symbols of the university


A brief incursion into the history of Sibiu higher education and university

Quality Certification

"High Trust Rating" rating following institutional evaluation