• A partnership policy
    In the context of an increasingly dynamic international university environment, the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu remains in the forefront of the events by adhering to the European values of education and research. In this respect, the over 100 partnerships with universities in Europe, the efficient implementation of the Bologna system and the European credit transfer system and the development of the student mobility program – Erasmus, are essential.
    They are also joined by LBUS participation in international associations and management bodies with a role in the development of European education, the consolidation of democracy and the enhancement of academic cooperation in Europe, such as the Tübingen International Center, the Alliance for Democracy of Universities, The Association of University Leaders in Europe or the European University Association.
  • Valuable scientific research
    Knowledge relates to deciphering the mysteries of the world, and education comes to power to change the world. This is the main element in educating students, how to show them the way to the world of science and to prepare them for the labor market.
    Investments made by LBUS in scientific research, European funds attracted in recent years are designed to develop an educational environment that creates excellent conditions for professional development and can provide professional support to the business environment, supporting community and social development.
    The quality of scientific research practiced in the research centers of LBUS has been certified by CNCSIS through its accreditation.
  • An innovative university
    Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu has been imposed in the Romanian higher education plan as an innovative institution both in the field of university management, study programs and international cooperation.
    Thus, the involvement of the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu by the National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education (CNCSIS) in the project for the improvement of the university management in Romania, has brought recognition to the Center of Excellence in the field of university management.

    The imposition of the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu as a top management organization has contributed to a great extent to its innovative spirit and openness to international values. Thus, “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu dared to give a different scientific approach to education in the health care system, referring to international programs of nursing education, and developed, in collaboration with University of Central Lancashire, Preston in United Kingdom Nursing Development Center in Romania. From the same desire to support the community and respond promptly to a social need, LBUS set up the first and only specialization in Romania to prepare community / local police specialists.

    As a result of the promoted international cooperation policy, LBUS and the International Relations Office for the Study of Chinese Language HANBAN signed in 2006 the co-operation agreement for the establishment of the first Confucius Institute in Romania. And in the academic year 2008 – 2009, LBUS received the first Erasmus Mundus students from the South East Asian countries to study.