Great Seal

The object corresponds to the institution of the sealing right of the independent legal entities. The red wax print, attached as a ball hung with a blue-gold string to the diplomas and solemn acts of the university, are symbols of the institution’s autonomy.

The uniquely made silver handmade object consists of a 50 mm diameter disc engraved with the text “Sigilum Magnum Universitatis Lucian Blaga Cibinensis; Mens Agitat Molem. “ In the sigillary field the allegorical metamorphosis of an entrenched and infinite tree rises, becoming an eagle that takes its flight. The handle of the chiseled object conceals a three-dimensional eagle. The emblematic figure is the work of Engraver Ştefan Orth, the handle reproducing a notorious medieval piece of medieval work. The project of the play is the realization of the university professors Ioan Florea – artist, Mihai Turcu – heraldist and is executed by the silverman Zoltan Abraham.