Rector's Grand Gorget

It is a gorget of function, heraldic, made up of 11 medallions, each one marked with the origin of one of the traditional medieval faculties that together form a university. The medallions tied in the S, converging towards the central piece, a massive silver medal with golden parts and the emblematic emblem of the university. The Column was designed by Marian Florea, a plastic artist, and Mihai Turcu – heraldist and executed by Zoltan Abraham. The necklace, of great material and artistic value, is the donation of the Sibiu businessmen reunited in the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Sibiu County.

The Gorget symbolizes the university, its autonomous status and its authority placed on the rector’s shoulders. It is a heraldic piece of ceremony with the status of “regalia”, a sign of the Rector’s function. By delegation, the senior magistrates of the Senate in solemn university assignments outside the university, where they represent the Rector, can wear the Gorget. It is part of the sumptuous clothing of the Rector, but can also be worn on a modern ceremony.