Extracted from  Adobe Reader LBUS Carta

LBUS defines the following set of values:

  • ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT: The LBUS growth and growth motor is the entrepreneurial approach. This is found in every decision taken, in each partnership, in each initiated research project. The whole activity of LBUS is geared toward discovering and capitalizing on opportunities, promoting innovation, developing leadership, and providing higher quality educational services that encourage individuals to express their vocation and develop their potential.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE: LBUS must exist as a living, powerful body, based on: competence, attachment, loyalty and motivation of each member and the ability to meet market requirements through a constant concern for improvement. Enthusiasm, the efficient use of resources, the ability to understand and to assume responsibilities, simplicity, modesty and respect for colleagues must be the guiding ideas of each LBUS member.
  • HUMAN RESOURCE: LBUS is constantly concerned with attracting and training a competitive human resource, considered to be the most precious asset. The success of the LBUS depends on the quality of the employees, how they are trained, continuously upgraded, motivated and attached to LBUS values.
  • SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION: LBUS supports sustainable development by incorporating the concept of sustainability into educational processes and within all campus support processes.
  • INNOVATION: Having the belief that there is always a better way, that value can always be added to what already exists, LBUS encourages the development and expression of innovative ideas at all levels, maintaining a fair balance between order, discipline and freedom of expression. This is the answer LBUS understands to give to a very dynamic society.
  • EXCELLENCE RESEARCH: LBUS promotes an intensive research activity, high on international standards, capable of providing real and professional support to the business environment, able to pro-actively meet the needs of a changing Romanian society.
  • QUALITY: LBUS must constantly improve its managerial, educational, support and tertiary processes so as to provide high quality education, research and services in close connection with stakeholder requirements and legislation.
  • OPENING: The rationale of being LBUS is based on a world-centered thinking and a policy of partnerships that ensure the exchange of ideas and the sustainable development of society. The consortia made by LBUS will aim at increasing the ability of all partners to provide, efficiently use and transfer all categories of resources (material, human, financial, and information) both to and from and to the external environment