Ioan Bondrea was born on 17 February 1960 in Baia Mare and he studied at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sibiu.
He came to Sibiu in the mid-1980s for college. From here, he left for a few years in Brasov, where he worked as a programming engineer at the Aeronautical Enterprise
Ghimbav. Shortly after the Revolution John Bondrea received the proposal to return to Sibiu.

“In 1991, my former colleagues from Sibiu called me to college, at that time I was proposing the establishment of a department and a new laboratory. That’s how I went back to Sibiu and here I went through all the teaching stages. ”

Ioan Bondrea became Dean of the “Hermann Oberth” Engineering Faculty after he held the post of Dean for two years. Ioan Bondrea was the founder of the Consortium of Dean of the Engineering faculties in the country. The ULBS rector is unmarried and has great confidence in the students who go out on the faculty gate at the end of the studies.

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