Today’s human society needs universities. They are not an option but a necessity in constructing civilization, our educational reserve, knowledge searches. It is not just a simple statement but an incontestable truth demonstrated by the perennialness of these educational institutions due to their essential product for the health and progress of human society. We are privileged to exploit the desire to know the new generations and to assist them, to guide them towards a profound, more analytical and creative knowledge. The acquisition of knowledge is a significant part of their intellectual, social and cultural development.

LBUS  wishes in this context a reference to Romanian university education, a pole of excellence in education and excellence in research. A vital element of the Sibiu social landscape, the university is the optimal space for shaping the ideals and aspirations of future specialists, it is the foundation of the cultural and professional horizon of tomorrow’s generation.

LBUS needs to prove once again the coronary artery of the local and regional business environment, the leverage of local and regional economic growth. LBUS must be a platform for collaboration between future specialists and the business community. LBUS must support this historic city in planning its future, we assume this role as a major economic, scientific, social and cultural responsibility

Rector John Bondrea