Rector 2004-2012

Prof. univ. dr. ing. Constantin Oprean

“A valid and viable university is not just a value-based, but a plus-value university.” University can be considered the most complex organization that exists today in the world. ”

The Rector, as general manager of the institution, to be able to approach and know the institution needs to know many languages: the language of the lawyer, the language of the engineer, the language of the doctor, the language of the communicator, and so on.

Managerial decision must be understandable to everyone, and then the formulation of the decision must be equally understood by all those working within the institution. Of course, besides the very important objective of education, which is based primarily on the element considered as a major pillar of knowledge generation in scientific research, but also of models of administrative services that should be provided by an administrative professional body in support of achieving these scientific and educational research goals in the end.

The role of the institution is all the more important because, when it comes to education, it is aimed not only at the formation of the future specialist, but also in the formation of the citizen of this society, of this country, therefore, of generating generations capable of sustaining the concept of sustainable development , to ensure a future for the next generations to come.
Before the 89’s it was an extraordinarily fruitful activity. It was the beginning of the creation of new university structures in the institution called the Institute of Higher Education in Sibiu, it was a very difficult period in which, especially on this technical area, laboratories, the technical-material basis of such a institutions, because we were some important specialists who came with experience not only from the educational area of ​​education or from different enterprises, we had to build this infrastructure.

For example, I participated in the construction of five new laboratories for the Faculty of Mechanics at that time, I had to teach a lot of disciplines, and each discipline had to assure and develop an own laboratory. The money for the equipment was very limited. Often I almost could not identify them, so they did not exist, and then the laboratories had to be done by self-leveling, designing laboratory stands, equipment, materializing them as we could in the factories and installing the stands in the laboratories. That’s how I worked for many years. I have built one of the most modern laboratories that do not exist in the strong university centers, the Laboratory of Technical Tolerations and Measurements, the most modern laboratory equipped with the most modern measuring and control devices in existence at that time. We have passed all polytechnic universities on this side. In the lab, slippers, like in the museum, each had his laboratory work, and only measuring and control devices produced by major firms.

I participated with the students at the Faculty of Engineering. In the pre-existing location of the front body there was a glacier that we crashed down and did the site preparation, and there we started the job. The initial project was the complete engineering engagement, but there were not enough funds. It was a rather difficult period, especially since it was a beginning period for the Faculty and the Higher Education Institute.

In the second term I have been working on scientific research and quality. We had some exchanges with Ovidius University in Constanta. Ours went to them, theirs came to us. It was a pretty tough time, then, before 89 on the construction side because we were not only involved in the didactic part. I had a special relationship with the students. Everyone was putting their hands on their hands when they were in business. Of those generations there are over 80% of them who have important functions, have their business.

The most important thing in creating a university is the human resource. A building is a resource too simple to create life in such an institution as the university. In the education process, our duty is to transmit updated knowledge to be applied.

I wish the university what I wish for myself – long life, prosperity and great fulfillment. And the university has to consolidate what we are driving almost daily, its sustainable development, because the university has traditions, preserved, took over and used them!