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Education and culture represent two dimensions of knowledge that went hand in hand throughout history in Sibiu. Considering that Sibiu boasted the first school in Romania, there could have been no other course of history.

The first school in Sibiu was set up in 1380, less than two hundred years after the setting up of the city and much earlier than other important cities in Romanian nowadays; it was also the first school in Eastern Europe. The school was built and it functioned on the site of today`s “Samuel von Brukenthal” National College, and the school belonged to the Church. This fact is not surprising at all, considering that the 14th century legislation of Sibiu stipulated compulsory education within the Church. We also find in Sibiu in 1557 the first library in Romania, which was set up as a result of a large book acquisition of German books. The first German-language school was set up in Sibiu in 1711, while 12 years later the first Hungarian-language school was also founded under the auspices and mentorship of scholar Georg Legradi. Soon after the setting up of the primary/secondary school, academic institutions were also founded, though much later.

In 1844 the Saxon Law Academy was set up and the Romanian department of this University was founded in 1864. In the aftermath of World War I and the Vienna Dictate, and as a direct war-entailed consequence, the University of Cluj-Napoca had to move some of its faculties to Sibiu, the most important of them being the Faculty of Medicine, functioning here for a short time. The Faculty of History was the first faculty to be founded in Sibiu, in 1969, and soon after, the Faculty of Philology was also founded, both of them as branches of the University of Cluj-Napoca. It was only in 1990 that these two faculties would be reunited under the name of “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu.

Nowadays, “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu is one of the most prestigious universities in the country, both in terms of quality teaching and technical endowment. The University of Sibiu has 11 faculties, each providing both undergraduate and postgraduate study programs. Mention should be made that over 30,000 students coming from all over the country and abroad to study in Sibiu benefit from a high standard of accommodation which is continually improving. As regards pre-academic education, Sibiu boasts three prestigious national colleges. One can single out as an illustration of the quality of education in Sibiu, the prizes and awards won by pupils at international contests (informatics and literature) in 2006. In the same year, three school managers in Sibiu were also rewarded by the Ministry of Education and Research for their professional activity and performances throughout the year.

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