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Pr. prof. univ. dr. Nicolae CHIFĂR

Fields of competence:

- Orthodox theology
- Church History
- History and civilization of Byzantium
- Ecumenical relations

he Andrei Saguna Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Sibiu is the oldest institution of this kind in Romania and it marked the beginning of higher education in Sibiu. Founded in 1786 as a Theological School and restructured in 1811 under the leadership of Gheorghe Lazar, it has incessantly functioned up to the present time. Between 1948 and 1990, it functioned under the name of The Theological Institute of Higher Education, being one of the two orthodox theological schools of higher education in Romania that have trained Orthodox priests. Since 1991 it has been part of the University of Sibiu.
At present, the Faculty offers degrees programmes in the following specializations: Pastoral Theology – training future priests, Social Theology – training social assistants, and Didactic Theology – training teachers of Religion and other fields.
The Faculty has singled out primarily through the preservation of Transylvanian Orthodox traditions, constantly adapted to the demands and needs of contemporary society. Furthermore, the Faculty of Theology is actively engaged in ecumenical work both at a national and European level.

Contact Information

Address: 20, Mitropoliei Bd., Sibiu, 550179, România
Tel: +40-(269) 21.03.82
Fax: +40-(269) 21.59.05

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