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AIESEC Sibiu Student Organisation
The local committee of the largest student organisation in the world, present in over 90 countries.

SOLIDUS Student Organisation
Student organisation of the students from the Engineering Faculty.

START Student Organisation
Student organisation of the Computer Science students from the Engineering Faculty.

The “Hippocrates” Organization of Medicine Students
Representative for the students of “Victor Papilian” School of Medicine, “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, the “Hippocrates” OMS consists of students who have freely consented to join it in order to defend their professional, humanitarian, social and cultural interests as future physicians. The “Hippocrates” OMS aims at defending the dignity, rights and interests of its members, reinforcing law-observance and democratic practices, as well as university autonomy; it also promotes competence and value criteria, endeavoring to ensure a stimulating academic atmosphere among students and teaching staff alike in order for the educational process to increase its efficiency.

Art and Letters Faculty Students League
Student organisation of the students from the Arts and Letters Faculty.

European Students Association - AEGEE
AEGEE is one of the largest interdisciplinary student associations from europe. AEGEE is represented in 256 cities from 30 countries and has 19 000 members. AEGEE is a non for profit, non political organisation.

The Economists Students Club
The Organization "Economist Students Club" was founded in 1995 with the support of teachers from the Faculty of Economic Sciences. We are a non-profit organization, apolitical and  nongovernamental and we have as primary target the students of the Economic Sciences Faculty of „Lucian Blaga” University in Sibiu. In 1997 the organization has obtained legal status and has managed to be a very active non-guvernmental student organization.

ELSA Sibiu - The European Law Students Association
ELSA is the largest law student and recent graduates association in the world, with over 30.000 members from 37 European countries and 200 universities. It is an association that has nothing to do with politics and no profit is gained from the activities she conducts, ELSA has benefited of the help provided by other student associations. ELSA has a strong relationship with international organizations, relationship in which she is active, as proof of activity she became a consulting member with a special status beside UNESCO, UNCITRAL, ECOSOC being represented permanently at ONU, New York, Geneva and Viena. ELSA Romania became an association on the 6th of December 1990. ELSA Romania has 8 local groups in: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Constanta, Craiova, Iasi, Oradea, Sibiu, Timisoara.

Students Association in Psychology Sibiu (ASPS)
Students Association in Psychology Sibiu obtained its status in 2002. The main idea of this non-profit organization is to involve in active way in cultural and scientific students life activation but also to represent and fight for students rights. ASPS. wants to offer their members the opportunity to test the needed know-how in their psychological activity.

Students Association in Sociology Sibiu (ASSS)
The objectives of Students Association in Sociology Sibiu are: student learning and personal development; initiation and realization of study, research, symposium, conference, work-shop, communication session or other activities in the field of sociology, ethnology, social assistance; realization, publication and distribution of informative materials with scientific character; promoting, sustaining and presenting the students interests of sociology department; alliance and partnership establishment with other persons or organization (foreign or not).

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