Extract from  Adobe Reader ULBS Carta

The main competencies of the Board of Directors are:

  • develops studies, long and medium terms strategies, policies on areas of interest of the university, as well as the strategic plan for institutional development;
  • approves the operational plans proposed by the Rector;
  • approves, at the proposal of the Rector, the structure and organizational chart of the University, for their approval in the Senate;
  • develops and submits for approval to the Senate the regulations and methodologies regarding the organization and functioning of the University;
  • elaborates and substantiates the draft budget of revenues and expenditures;
  • approves the proposals for new study programs or liquidation those study programs that no longer fall within the mission of the University, are academically ineffective, financially or no longer required by the labor market;
  • approves and submits for approval to the Senate the proposals, regulations and the methodologies regarding the human resources policy of ULBS;
  • approves the budget execution and the annual / quarterly financial statements;
  • approves and submits for approval to the Senate the nominal composition of Commission of university ethics and deontology, as well as the nominal composition of commissions for preliminary investigation of disciplinary offenses. Board of Directors performs other duties established by law, the Regulation on the organization and the operation of the ULBS board or the Senate.
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