Academic partnerships

70+ partnerships with foreign universities where you can study through the Erasmus +’s program, a European Union program that supports education and youth.

A dynamic and multicultural town

Built in 12th century by German settlers known as Saxons Transylvanians, the historic city of Sibiu has retained its greatness and it is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania …

Business partnerships

Over 50 business partnerships through which you will have access and employment opportunities at national and international companies.

Student’s organizations

They allow young people to explore and develop their potential to make an impact positive in society


The study programs fully comply with the Bologna Process and accredited by: Ministry of National Education, ARACIS, SEE.


The University’s Library has an online catalog of bibliographic research, reading rooms with open shelves that cover all disciplines.

Facts and figures


* Source

  • 11.000+ undergraduate students
  • 2.700+ graduate students
  • 450+ PhD students
  • 900+ residents
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* Source

  • 81 undergraduate study programs
  • 58 graduate study programs
  • 15 doctoral fields
  • 105 doctoral supervisors
  • 650+ teachers
  • 21 research centers
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* Source

  • 1.980 accommodation places
  • 8 student dorms
  • 1 cantine
  • 1 cafeterias
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