Extract from the  Adobe Reader ULBS Carta

The main attributions of the ULBS Senate are:

  • guarantees academic freedom and university autonomy;
  • develop, adopt, revise or repeal, following debate with university community, university carta;
  • approves the methodologies and regulations regarding the organization and functioning of the University;
  • approves the strategic institutional development plan and plans operational; the draft budget and budget execution;
  • concludes the management contract with the Rector of ULBS;
  • approves, on the proposal of the Rector and in compliance with the legislation in force, the structure, organization and functioning of the university; develops and approves the Quality Assurance Code and the Code of Ethics and university professional deontology;
  • adopts the University Code of student rights and obligations, with compliance with the provisions of the Code of Student Rights and Obligations;
  • approves proposals, regulations and methodologies on the policy of human resources at ULBS;
  • approves the programming, organization, development and improvement of the whole educational process (study formations, curricula, structure of the year university, tuition fees, etc.);
  • approves the lists of positions and the dimensioning of the didactic norm;
  • approves the projects of patrimonial operations aiming at the development university worth more than EUR 50,000;
  • approves the composition of the University Ethics and Deontology Commission;
  • controls the activity of the Rector and the Board of Directors through specialized commissions;
  • approves the competition methodology and the results of the competitions for hiring teachers and researchers and regularly evaluating human resources;
  • approves, at the proposal of the Rector, the sanctioning of the staff with poor professional performance, based on its own methodology and legislation in force;
  • approves the establishment, as a single University or by association, of companies, foundations or associations, and the granting, by contract, of the right to administration and use of patrimonial assets;
  • in case of dismissal of the Rector by the ministry, appoints a vice-rector who represents the University and who becomes authorizing officer and completes, according to the law, the procedures for appointing a new Rector;
  • approves ULBS’s national and international cooperation strategy.
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