Students are a social group due to their particularities as an age group, located in cultural and social contexts defining their status and roles. Being mostly in the age range of youth, students are distinguished by age-specific problems and aspects related to their training as specialists. Regarding the typical life of youth, it is distinguished by behaviors and feelings, on the one hand, as a reflection of a prolonged adolescence, on the other hand, the assertion of autonomy as a young person. The student group manifests itself as a group with a specific culture. Spending time studying together, extracurricular activities in the dormitory, dormitory life, all contribute to the assertion of behaviors, norms and characteristic values.

At present, the conditions of accommodation and meals offered to students of the University “Lucian Blaga” of Sibiu are special. Every year the student dormitories have been renovated and modernized, the works carried out every summer vacation being of great scope, involving great efforts, both financial and human.

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