Useful links

 UMS – The school record system. Catalog notes. Financial situation

Career Counseling and Guidance – Counseling, volunteering, internships, career fairs. questionnaires, sheets

 Research – Research centers and infrastructures, doctoral schools, funding programs, research internationalization

 Doctoral studies – The highest form of organization of higher education based on valuable scientific research

Distance learning and part-time education

IT Services – MyAccount , Wireless, Eduroam, Intranet

 Special Scholarships Ranking

 Excellent Scholarship Ranking

Senate decisions

Board of Directors decisions

Rules of organization and operation – Carta. Student regulations, elections, exams

 Organization and functioning legislation – The law of education. The law of quality. Student Status. Government Decisions

 Public interest – Legislation, documents of public interest, budget, balance sheets, public procurement, declarations of assets and interests, forms

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