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The Central Library of the “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu offers reading services in specialized rooms, with direct or indirect access to publications, loan services documents at home, interlibrary loan and exchange services, bibliographic information, access to Romanian and foreign databases, guidance and guidance in network navigation, etc.

Short history

  • In 1969 the Library of the Institute of Higher Education was established, the Sibiu branch of the “Babeş Bolyai” University of Cluj
  • In 1990 it became the University Library, with its establishment Sibiu University
  • The library’s collections have increased year by year, completing the initial fund, through acquisitions, exchange of publications and donations from people of culture and institutions
  • Since 1998, the university library has been operating, along with the libraries cultural centers, and branch libraries organized in addition to faculties
  • In 2000, the University Library became the Central Library of “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu
  • At the end of 2008, the Library of the “Lucian Blaga” University, and its branches moved to a new space, suitable for a modern university library, which corresponds to the new information – documentation – research requirements, with the role of superior support of Sibiu academic education.

Resources and services

  • 670,000 documentary units, representing approximately 485,000 entries in the computerized catalogue; 15,000 periodic volumes
  • Subscriptions to internal and external periodicals, in print and electronic (http://bcu.ulbsibiu.ro/doc/publicatii_periodice-online.html)
  • Possibility to consult the library collections in free shelf access on four levels (approximately 2,750 sqm);
  • 415 study places provided with Internet connection equipment and wireless
  • Internet room equipped with 50 computers
  • Six individual study rooms equipped with computers connected to Internet and reference materials; Multimedia space, properly equipped for specialized language learning
  • Computers, scanners, and multifunction printers distributed on each level
  • Modern document security system (RFID), equipped with smart labels with software compatible with the automated management system of library
  • Modern system for obtaining information by the user, through the monitors on which the data of interest is displayed
  • An application package consisting of:
  • a Liberty 5-software dedicated library o Access to the most important scientific databases through the program Anelis-Plus: Science Direct, Springerlink, ProQuest, Ebsco, Oxford Journals, Thomson ISI – Web of Science, Sage HSS Collection, Scopus, MatSciNet
  • Legis – an application that allows accessing legislative acts in format electronic
  • Infostandarde – application that allows access to the complete package of Romanian standards

Modernization of services and computerization

  • The computerization of the library began in 1992, with the introduction books in the CDS-ISIS database management program
  • Four years later, a team from the Computer Department made
  • a library program called Access for Windows, which was implemented at the American Library
  • In 1996 through the Tempus university cooperation program, initiated and supported by the European Community, a local network of computers consisting of one server and six computers.
  • 1998 was the year of the birth of the library’s computerized catalogue purchase of specialized library software Alice for Windows.
  • In 2004 the process of retrospective data conversion started, which led to the obtaining of the general computerized Catalogue of the library.
  • The acquisition, in December 2006, of the dedicated Softlink – Liberty3 software, based on Web-oriented technologies meant a step forward in terms of the basics computer science necessary for the smooth running of library activities.
  • Since 2007 the ULBS Library participates in the National Catalogue – RoLiNeST cel largest Romanian collective virtual catalogue.
  • In February 2014, the migration to Liberty5, the new version of the software, takes place dedicated to the library, which offers new facilities for the integrated computer system of ULBS Library

Activities and services

The library carries out the following types of activities: development collections, accounting, cataloguing and indexing of collections, organization and communication of collections, public relations, documentary information and references scientific research, marketing, scientific research in the field of information sciences, methodology and professional development, computerization, cultural activities and cooperation, digitization.

In the flow of activities specific to information professionals in Romanian libraries, in the context of the information society, the information needs of users have required the creation and provision of new services and products:

  • New web page for the library
  • Service offered through the SDI module selective dissemination of information that provides facilities for loyal library users
  • Consulting information online, information that is not always the answer the traditional ones, transposed in electronic format. In addition, there are magazines electronic books in all fields and books in electronic format.
  • Providing bibliographic references by e – mail and the possibility of booking publications of interest
  • The opportunity for library users to propose for purchase of books included in the study bibliography, through the web page of the library.

The new created services: reception-information, Internet room, laboratory multimedia and computerization library, come to complete the picture of an institution that fully contributes to the broad process of perfecting academic improvement.

The flow of readers and the circulation of publications

  • entrance to the security gate • reception – information
  • consulting catalogues, OPAC
  • consulting publications in rooms with free access to the shelf
  • self-loan / self-repayment
  • exit on the security gate. Access to the computerized and automated services of the library is based on MyCard.


 The library is structured on seven levels. The headquarters are located on Str. Lucian Blaga no.2A and is structured in:


  • Deposit of the publications fund

Ground floor:

  • Receiving and registering users
  • Consult catalogues
  • Home loan
  • Multiplication
  • Pimen Constantinescu documentary fund
  • Victor V. Greek Documentary Fund
  • Internet room

First Floor:

  • Reading room with free access to the shelf organized on the following areas: Medicine, Biology, CUDANR (Nursing), Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computers, Engineering, Industries, Environment, Agriculture, Sports (books and periodicals)
  • Official Standards and Monitors Room
  • Center for documentation and research in the field of ethics and non-discrimination

Second Floor:

  • Reading room with free access to the shelf organized on the following areas: Linguistics, Literature, Biographies, Religion, Art, Architecture, Ethnology (books and periodicals)
  • Fond Nikolaus Blavustyak
  • Doctoral Thesis Room

Third Floor:

  • Individual study offices
  • Multimedia space

Fourth Floor

  • Reading room with free access to the shelf organized on the following areas: Law, Politics, Economics, Management, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, Education, History, Library Science, Journalism, Culture, Geography (books and periodicals)


  • Offices for carrying out specific library activities

Users’ access

For the efficient use of the automated services offered by the library university, users can use the issued smart cards as a condition of access in the library, for:

  • Access to all four levels with the biblio-economic resources exposed in free shelf system • Internet Room, Multimedia Room, Standards Room and Monitors Room Officials, Doctoral Thesis Hall and Individual Study Offices
  • Free use of existing printers, scanners and copiers on each level
  • The automated loan inside the library, from the units of self-loan
  • Automated return outside the library • Obtaining information from one’s own account – borrowed / returned books, payment fines, refund date
  • Possibility to book or extend the requested publications; consulting the databases to which the library provides access
  • Interlibrary loan services, bibliographic references.


The users’ access to the library’s collections is made directly and directly, the publications located on the four levels are mainly intended for study in classrooms specialized reading. The home loan is made on the ground floor, for the publications in book and periodical deposits, the loan term being set according to the number of copies in the library.


To get acquainted with the steps to access the reading rooms, consult materials, loan or photocopy, a user must complete the following steps:

  • Access to the wardrobe, in the basement of the building in the main hall, for safe storage of personal items with which entry is not permitted inside the library.
  • Access to the library, first contact with library services at the point of information, located in the immediate vicinity of the entrance.
  • Search the library’s online catalog on the ground floor of the library.

Here you can find the bibliographic information of a publication, its distribution in the rooms reading and loan, as well as information on the availability of copies.

  • Location of the collection and location of the requested publication, respectively an availability for study in the specialized reading room or for the loan at home.
  • Access to the reading rooms on the four levels, for the purpose of reading, documentation, or with the possibility of scanning, photocopying, etc.
  • Self-borrowing publications from each of the four levels. This operation is performed at the car loan unit, and informs him on user, by a receipt, of the term of return of the publication.
  • Self-return of publications is done outside the building, the user will receive the return notification, which includes the title, number of publications and date restitution.


Adresa fizica: Str. Lucian Blaga, Nr.2A, Sibiu,550169, România Adresa de corespondență: Bd-ul Victoriei, Nr. 10, Sibiu, 550024, România Tel: +40-(269) 44.60.77 Tel: +40-(269) 21.10.56 Fax: +40-(269) 44.10.10 E-mail: bcu@ulbsibiu.ro Web: http://bcu.ulbsibiu.ro

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