Students organizations

Associations AIESEC student association in Sibiu:

AIESEC is the largest student-led organization in the world. Active in 2400 universities from 113 countries and territories, our international platform allows young people to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact on society. In partnership with business and education High class, AIESEC has over 60 years of development experience and transforming high-potential students into socially responsible leaders.

Sibiu Young Educators Association

The association was established in 2019. ATPS organizes and promotes events and projects in the field of education. The purpose of the organization’s initiatives is to contribute to personal and professional development of young people and their education. By involvement in the projects of the association, the members set up a career adapted to their real potential. And those who choose a teaching career will also be able to support the revelation the potential of those on whom he directs his educational intentions League of Graduates and Students of International Political Science and Studies security (LASSPRI)

 LASSPRI aims to achieve a legal framework in which students, in a way democratic, to be able to take an attitude on different aspects of student life and social in Romania.

 SOLIDUS student association

 Student association within the Faculty of Engineering.

START student association.

The student association of the students from the computer section of the Faculty engineering.

Society of Medical Students “Hippocrates” Sibiu

Representative student formation for the Faculty of Medicine “Victor Papilian” – from the “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu – S.S.M. Hippocrates brings together on the basis of free consent the students of the Faculty, for defense professional, humanitarian, social and cultural interests.

 League of Students from the Faculty of Letters and Arts

The main purpose of the LSFLA is to establish a collaboration in the promotion of students’ interests on an equal footing with all students regardless of the year of study of which I am a part. The LSFLA initiates and organizes cultural, social, spiritual, scientific, and sporting, domestically and internationally. We propose to you so, as of today, what you do is the result of the desire to self – knowledge, personal and professional development, curiosities and needs of challenge, to experiment and interact with similar and different people, energetic, ambitious, persevering, with initiative and vision!

AEGEE European Students Association

AEGEE is one of the largest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe. It is represented in 256 university cities in 30 countries and has 19,000 of members. AEGEE is a non-profit, secular, and voluntary organization, independent of any political party.

 Economist Students Club

The organization “Economist Students Club” was founded in 1995 with support professors from the Faculty of Economics. We are a non-profit organization, apolitical and non-governmental and our target group are students from within Faculty of Economics, “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu. In 1997 the organization acquires legal personality and has since managed to maintain itself as an active student non-governmental organization.

ELSA Sibiu – European Association of Law Students

ELSA is the largest organization in the world of law students and young lawyers, with over 30,000 members from 37 European countries and 200 universities (as many as the Groups Local are). It is an apolitical and non-profit association and enjoys the support of others international associations and governmental associations. ELSA also maintains contact with international bodies, where he actively participates, proof that he is a member with special status in addition to UNESCO, UNCITRAL, ECOSOC, having and permanent representatives at UN headquarters in New York, Geneva and Vienna. ELSA Romania is the only association of law students and young lawyers who operates nationwide in Romania. ELSA Romania was established on the 6th December 1990.


Sibiu Psychology Students Association (ASPS)

 The Sibiu Psychology Students Association (ASPS) is actively involved in dynamizing the cultural and scientific life of the students of this specialization, but also to represents the fight for students’ rights. Bessarabian Youth Organization from Sibiu

 OTBSibiu is a civic, socio-cultural and youth organization, from which I can make part, based on free consent, persons from Bessarabia – who, through their origin and attitude are part of the Romanian Nation.

 Sociology and Social Work Students Association from Sibiu.

 The purpose of the association is to stimulate the cultural-scientific life of the students in the Department of Sociology and Social Work in Sibiu through partnerships and various activities will be useful in personal and professional development. The association operates within Faculty of Socio-Human Sciences since June 2014.

Sibiu Dental Students Organization

OSD Sibiu is a non-profit, socio-professional, autonomous organization created on June 5, 2012, to defend and promote the rights and interests of students from “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu (Faculty of Medicine, Specialization Dentistry and Technical Dental Specialization), regardless of gender, religion, nationality, or political beliefs, by all legal means at its disposal. This Organization was established to better meet the needs students of Dentistry and Dental Technique through a better representativeness and by developing projects in the field of dentistry. OSD Sibiu has been a member since 2012 within USR – Students’ Union from Romania and IADS – International Association of Dental Students and has relations with collaboration with EDSA – European Dental Students Association and other organizations national and international partners.

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