Establishment and development

The Minister of Education, Ștefan Bălan, approved on June 30, 1967 and two more years later, the Council of Ministers issued Decision number 1322 of 12 June 1969 by which established the Faculty of Philology and History in Sibiu as a branch of the University “Babeș-Bolyai” from Cluj. Ștefan Pascu, rector of the University of Cluj in 1969, a justified the choice of the two specializations as follows:

The choice of a history section is explained by the rich historical past of this part of the country, by the possibilities of scientific training offered by the archives and libraries. of Sibiu, as well as the needs of qualified staff in this specialization.

The establishment, within the Faculty of Letters in Sibiu, of a section of German language and literature is especially welcome…. Let us remember, then, the close connections that existed and exist between the cities of Sibiu and Cluj.

The educational spaces of the new faculty were provided within the High School no. 3 (former “Domnița Ileana” High School) on Victoriei Blvd., currently the headquarters of the Faculty of Letters and Arts and the Department of History, Heritage and Protestant Theology. The first series of student incursiune s (24 in German specialization and 28 in history) coordinated by the new dean Nicolae Lupu stepped for the first time in the mentioned spaces on October 3, 1969, being impelled by the presence of famous researchers present at the opening of the academic year. Constantin Daicoviciu, Miron Constantinescu, Ștefan Pascu and others.

Starting with 1971, along with the two specializations, the section of English language and literature, and, by the decision of the Council of Ministers no. 775 of 30 June 1971, a second faculty was opened in Sibiu, namely Economic Sciences and Administrative. It lasted 4 years and trained specialists for local administration. As a result of the restructuring of Romanian higher education on July 1, 1976, the Institute of Higher Education in Sibiu was established, which had in composition Faculty of Philology and History, Faculty of Economic Law and Administrative and Faculty of Mechanics. Proof of the respect that the young university center from Sibiu has gained is designation of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Law as organizer of the first editions of the Quadrilateral of law faculties which included the faculties of Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Iasi and Sibiu.

The accelerated development of the Sibiu university center was abruptly stopped in 1984, when by the decree of the State Council no. 213 of June 23, 1984 was no more awarded a tuition for philology, history and law, and the Institute of Higher Education was transformed into the Institute of Sub-Engineers, subordinate Polytechnic Institute of Cluj-Napoca. As a result of this decision, in 1987 he graduated the last promotion of the specializations philology, history and law.

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