The Great Seal

The object corresponds to the institution of the right of seal of autonomous legal persons. The imprint in red wax, attached as a bubble hanging with a blue-gold cord to the diplomas and solemn acts of the university, are symbols of the institution’s autonomy.

The unique, handmade silver object consists of a disc with a diameter 50 mm, engraved with the text “Sigilum Magnum Universitatis Lucian Blaga Cibinensis; Mens Agitat Molem”. In the seal field it allegorically includes the metamorphosis of a rooted and leafy tree that rises to become an eagle that takes flight. Handle the chiseled object imagines an eagle made in three dimensions. The emblematic figure is the work of the engraver Ştefan Orth, the handle reproducing a medieval piece notorious Romanesque. The project of the play is the realization of the university students Ioan Florea – artist, Mihai Turcu – heraldist and is executed by the silversmith Zoltan Abraham.

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