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The Faculty of Theology
Pastoral Theology, Teaching Theology, Social Theology

The Faculty of Law
Law, Public Administration

The Faculty of Letters and Arts
Romanian Language and Literature, Applied Modern Languages, Sciences of Commnunication, Theatre.

The Faculty of Social and Human Sciences
International Relations, Political Science, Security Studies, History, Heritage, Protestant Theology, Journalism, Public Relations, Sociology, Psychology

The Faculty of Engineering
Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mines, Oil and Gases, Engineering and Management, Computers and Information Technology, Electronic Engineering, Environment Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Applied Science and Engineering, Systems Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Telecomunication.

The Faculty of Sciences
Mathematics, Informatics, Ecology and Environment Protection, Biology, Physics, Physical Education and Sports.

The Faculty of Medicine
Medicine, Dental Medicine, Health Care, Dental Tehnique, Dental Care.

The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Food Industry and Environmental Protection
Food Engineering, Biotechnology, Engineering and Management, Agriculture, Horticulture, Environmental Engineering.

The Faculty of Economics
Banking and Finance, Marketing, Management, Accounting and Management, Commerce, Tourism and Services.

The University Department of Distance Learning

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