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"Simion Bărnuţiu" Faculty of Law

Conf. univ. dr. Daiana Maura VESMAȘ.

Fields of competence:
- Administrative Law and Science Administration
-European Union law

aw studies have a long tradition in Sibiu. The Academy of Law, with courses taught in German, was founded in 1844. The names of important public figures have been associated with this School of Law eve since: Simion Barnutiu – an outstanding representative of Romanian law, Ilie Macelariu – a renowned participant in the Transylvanian political movements of the nineteenth century, Dionisie Pop Martian – founder of Statistical Studies in Romania, Aron Densusianu – poet and literary critic, among others.
During the Second World War, years of critical ordeal in the history of Romania, the city of Sibiu sheltered the University of Cluj and implicitly its Faculty of Law, which had been forced to seek refuge in this part of the country.

 The year 1971 meant a new beginning – the founding of the Faculty of Public Administration – faculty which functioned until 1987, when it was disbanded. However, in 1990 the University of Sibiu was founded and the Faculty of Law initiated then was the revival of studies connected to the legal system and public administration. The faculty trains experts in the field of Law – judges, prosecutors, notaries, legal advisers – and that of Pubic Administration. The high level of education, the thorough study of certain legal fields and a valuable and experienced teaching staff – all contribute to the full integration of graduates in the various branches of the legal professions.

Contact Information

Address: 34, Calea Dumbravii Street, Sibiu, 550324, România
Tel: +40-(269) 23.39.24
Fax: +40-(269) 23.32.95

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