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Cyber physical systems

Cyber physical systems, composed of physical systems (hardware/mechanics), software systems and potentially other types of systems (e.g., human systems), are increasingly prevalent in society. CPSs have the potential to bring about significant social benefits, however bring a number of engineering challenges.
The CPS summer school is targeted at research scientists and students, and R&D experts from industry, who want to learn about advances in CPS engineering.

A program of briefings, tutorials and hands-on sessions will be delivered by industry experts and leading researchers in CPS from the INTO-CPS, CPSE Labs, AMASS EU projects and the MPM4CPS EU COST Action. Participants will have the opportunity to tailor their attendance of lectures and tutorials to their own interest.

Participation options

  • 1 day: high-level understanding of CPS technologies and modelling approaches.
  • 3 days: learn about CPSs at a high-level and attend a collection of tutorials for more in depth knowledge on selected methods and technologies.
  • 5 days: The overview and tutorials, plus participants have hands on with various CPS

Cyber physical systems





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