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Student Hostels

ucian Blaga” University provides accommodation for over 1,500 students in its 7 hostels and boarding in its 2 refectories.


Students can be regarded as a specific social category due to the characteristics of their particular age group and its place against a cultural and social background that is defining for the status and role of the student. In as far as the status of the students is concerned, since most of them are young of age, their main interest is in issues typical for their age group, as well as in issues concerning their specialized training. As for the students’ individual personality, they manifest a vacillation between an emotional life and patterns of behaviour typical for late adolescence and a tendency towards asserting their independence as young individuals. The students form a particular cultural group. The fact that they attend classes and study together, that they participate in extra-curricular activities carried on in the student hostels, as well as life in the student hostels as such inspire specific patterns of behaviour, regulations and values.


Student social management plays an essential part in university management and its main concern is the most delicate and difficult aspect of it, that of dealing with the students, most particularly providing accommodation, boarding and entertainment for them.

The present accommodation and boarding conditions for the students are exceptional. The student hostels have been renovated and modernized every year and no efforts have been spared both financially and in as far as manpower is concerned to bring them to their present condition through large scale renovation operations performed during the summer holidays.

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