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Summer Field School | Mountain Ecosystems and Resource Management

Summer Field School [Online] on Mountain Ecosystems and Resource Management

19-28 September 2021 | Virtual


To build the capacities of future leaders (researchers, students, practitioners and scholars) we have announced a 10-days international program namely FSc MER 2021 or “Summer Field School [Online] on Mountain Ecosystems and Resource Management” on 19-28 September 2021. The natural ecosystems in mountain areas are crucial for the existence of humankind on this planet. The proposed program is to cover the contexts of mountain regions globally i.e., Himalayas, Alps, Andes, Rockies, Karakoram, Pamir, Carpathian, Fuji, Caucasus, Mount Kenya, etc. This program will be conducted for international participants in English language covering the contemporary current topics on the following broad areas: (1) Mountain Ecosystems; (2) Freshwater Ecosystems; (3) Forest Ecology; (4) Grassland Ecosystems; (5) Biodiversity Conservation; (6) Wildlife Management; (7) Ecotourism; (8) Park-People Interface; (9) Participatory Resource Management; (10) Watershed Management; (11) Sustainable Agriculture & Organic Farming; (12) Agro-Biodiversity; (13) Transhumance & Pastoralism; (14) Livestock Production; (15) Mountain Livelihoods; (16) Mountain-based Conventions; (17) SDGs & Mountains; (18) Mountain Sustainability; (19) Climate Change and Mountains. Elaborated details of our program can be seen on dedicated website www.grassrootsglobal.net/mer2020.

This global program is co-organized by 63 universities, institutions and organizations belonging to 20 countries.

Purpose of the Program FSc MER 2021

This international training program examines the mountain ecosystems in contexts of human development and natural resources, principles of managing natural resources, and governing the resources for sustainable conservation. Depicting on case studies from a wide range of the current natural resources across the globe, the program considers how different social, political, economic and cultural and gender aspects compete for and sustain the natural resources in mountain ecosystems. The program also examines how environmental activists and their interventions conserved parks, energy, water and land in the face of climate variability basing on a gender perspective. The program will consider how the current international and development system elaborates and processes to sustainably manage the available natural resources in mountain landscapes. The program aims at equipping researchers, students, practitioners and teachers seeking learning about mountain ecosystems and sustainable development, with practical approaches, knowledge and skills necessary for meeting challenges of sustainable use of natural resources globally. This international training program will be executed in partnership of various academic and practice-oriented organizations.

Eligibility for Admission

The FSc MER 2021 is specifically designed for the following:

· Young teachers

· PhD students

· Research scholars

· Early career practitioners

· Degree or Diploma students

· Other having interests

Potential participants having education in the subjects like Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Geography, Anthropology, Conservation Biology, Agriculture, Forestry, Human Ecology, Resource Management, Economics, Wildlife, Water Science, Tourism, Animal Science, Cultural Studies, and allied subjects may join the program.

Duration & Deadline

19 – 28 September 2021. The program is proposed to take place in online mode. See the website for the deadline for applying.

Participation Procedure and How to Apply

All interested applicants are suggested to read carefully the variety of information placed on the website www.grassrootsglobal.net/mer2020. On the webpage ‘APPLY NOW’ https://www.grassrootsglobal.net/mer2020/apply-now.html, various steps are explained elaborately. At the time of applying online, the Delegate Participant applicant will have to pay an Application Fee of USD 19 through credit or debit card. Learner Participants need not to pay any fee (it is free), and the application form is available on the link https://www.grassrootsglobal.net/mer2020/apply-now.html. The Delegate Participants will not only receive a Certificate (issued by 63 partners & collaborators) but also many other benefits, while the Learner Participants will receive none except access to the online classroom.


Partner Institutions & Collaborators

31 Universities, Research Institutes and Colleges
32 National Parks, Councils and NGOs
20 Countries

Number of Sessions, Lectures and Faculties

9 Technical Sessions Groups to be conducted over different 9 days
27 Technical Sessions: every day 3 sessions of 3 hours each
118 Lectures on 118 topics
128 Paper Presentations by 130 Delegate Participants
54 Chairs & Co-Chairs (2 persons for each of 27 sessions)
79 Experts/Faculty Members belonging to 30 countries

Number & Diversity of Participants [as on 31 July 2021]

Delegate Participants:  130 + counting until extended deadline 23 August
Learner Participants: 115 + counting until deadline 10 September
Countries Representation: 45
Faculty Members (also be the participants): 79
Chairs & Co-Chairs of Sessions (also be the participants): 54

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