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Teacher Training

Department for Teacher Training

Prof. Carmen DUŞE Ph.D
- department coordination
Tel: +40-(269) 23.52.24

By means of its activity, the Department meets the requirements stated by the law and other normative regulations which stipulate the fact that the students and the alumni who demand our services - within ULB and throughout the country - and choose a teaching career have to attend and to graduate the courses included in the psycho-pedagogic and methodological module, which provides the theoretical, professional and practical competence for the teaching career, together with a specialized training.

The Department provides optimum conditions of theoretical and practical training for all students by means of its organization and operation, the quality of the teaching staff and that of the auxiliary staff, the material basis, by means of cooperation with the Sibiu County School Inspectorate and other inspectorates within the country, and by means of constant and systematic effort.

Based on the responsibilities and competences which define it as an authorized institution, the Department provides for: initial psycho-pedagogic and methodological training for ULB (full time) students, as well as for the students belonging to other universities from Sibiu who are willing to attend the above-mentioned courses and who can employ themselves within the adopted flexible program when confronted with objective situations and challenges; initial psycho-pedagogic and methodological training through intensive post-graduate courses organized in different series based upon demand, courses adapted to and flexible towards the solicitants’ situation assuring complex and complete support in order to achieve the optimum training; constant psycho-pedagogic and methodical training and perfecting of the didactic staff from the preacademic system in order to achieve didactic grades: definitivat, 2nd didactic grade, 1st didactic grade – for all specializations within ULB which are legally aproved to function, presented in the addendum; pshyco-pedagogic and methodical assistence at demand for the houses of the didactic corpus, for school inspectorates, for teaching institutions of different grades and for other institutions with interests in the field, private or public, offering a large scale of courses in its quality as provider and organizer of formative activities, varied and diversified, together with the collaboration of some specialists from the faculties and from specializations within the university, and with the help of other contributors, developing at a unitary level receptivity and flexibility adapted to the needs of the students; consultancy, cooperation and co-organization for the administrative institutions, social assistance institutions, NGOs, delegated institutions which are to consolidate the local communities, and the relations of the teaching institutions and family with the school and community interested in training staff based on psychological, pedagogic, relating and communicative training, interested in training for team work, in developing the creative and innovative capacity in relation with the work places, and with the specific of different careers – all these aiming at creating and developing of the psycho-social competence for optimum relating, communication and efficient intervention of the teaching staff, of those from the local administrations with the members of the local communities; we are assuring all these by means of active/interactive learning strategies, in micro-groups, by means of partnership activities, and placing the accent upon operational and applicable models adapted to the concrete situations and in concordance with EU programs on this field; periodical training every 5 years stated by law for the didactic staff within the pre-academic education, training by means of MAs in educational management, in the management of the teaching institutions, in didactic communication, in the family-school-community relation, psycho-pedagogic advising of the family with regards on children education, sexual education in schools, prevention of drugs and alcohol consumption, prevention and fighting against aggression and violence in school and outside it, intercultural education, and computer-based education; continuous developing of programs, of fundamental and applicable scientific research grants aiming at perfecting personal activity, and that of schools of applicability, of the programs initiated by the Ministry for Education and Research in collaboration with UE concerning the teaching process, pilot schools and the directions of harmonization with the present degree of the reform and integration within EU.

For the directions of activity which form the educational offer, the assistance and consultancy within the University and outside it for a large scale of solicitants, for realizing courses series, supplementing, re-attending of the modulus, for didactic staff and others, for promoting certain MAs or another competences for which our Department has the necessary authority, you can contact us for additional information and solution all over the year. Accessing extensively our site offers the opportunity a general view of the a large scale of materials, training programs, analytical programs, a list with titles of woks for 1st grade, of how to obtain teaching materials, textbooks, reference books etc. for all those who are interested.

Contact Information

Adress: 10, Victoriei Blvd.
Sibiu, 550024, România
Tel: +40-(269) 23.52.24
Fax: -

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